"For whom is your heart restless?"

"Our hearts are restless, until they can find rest in you." - Augustine of Hippo

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                                          Welcome to Restless the Podcast


     Restless is a podcast that provides a forum for those who are willing to share their inspirational stories of struggle, pain, healing and hope in their journeys of faith. Our hope is that through these stories you are given a reason to hope for eternity or just take another breath for one more day. These are the real stories of real people whose hearts are restless to find who and what they were made for.  Our lives are like waves desperate to discover rest on an eternal shore on which we struggle no longer. We invite you to share, listen, breathe and find hope. 

            Coming Home: The Reuniting of  a Family


      A moving story about a family reunited while facing tragedy 


       Bill, a 62 year old man grew up in a family of 3 boys. They saw their mom leave while they were all very young. The splintering of the family and an alcoholic father led to a series of events and lifestyles sending all three boys on a trajectory of substance abuse and trouble with the law. Bill after spending time in juvenile detention and then prison came home to a scene that was no different then when he left. He chose to leave and live in a recovery home. He eventually developed a relationship with a women and they had 4 children together…years later they married but soon things go south and for four years Bill has little contact with his children…it destroys him as it reminds him of his own past. At a low point he walks in a church to seek help and returns for a service. While responding to a call to receive Christ he is approached by a man who takes interest in Bill and prays often with him. His off the charts anxiety begins to lessen.


At the same time while these events are going his son William whom he has not seen for years is experiencing his own life challenges. He is about to enter into his sophomore year in high school... all his friends will be spending summer vacations with family or going to summer camp...his family can't afford any of that. He hears about a summer camp with an organization called Young Life, and is befriended by his math teacher a Young Life Leader.  With help he is able to attend camp and life begins to change. Within two weeks of returning home  he is told that his mom has only weeks to live. Both his dad and the rest of his siblings after little contact in 4 years, meet in the hospital room of their dying mom and wife.

What happens next in the lives of this family is nothing short of a miracle.