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About us

       Steve Wilmer over five years ago was asked by a few men if he would consider
regularly meeting with them to talk about the things that they struggled with. Some
of whom were in various stages of recovery from substance abuse and addiction, and physical and sexual abuse as children, needed a forum in which to tell their stories then help them connect their faith in Christ with everyday challenges. These were the
guys who because of their past or less than “stage presence” personalities,  tended to be overlooked in the organized church and often felt left out.

     Over the last five years the group has grown including the addition of Steve's son Luke Wilmer who added an instrumental piece to the group with his knowledge and ability to speak clearly and kindly. He also brings the younger mans perspective and connects well to both older and young alike.

     Every week the men meet twice, first to share their stories, encourage one another and to discover how a burden-less faith in Christ can transform hearts for a lifetime. Then, early on Saturday mornings they meet again, to have breakfast together for no other reason then as one of them said “I just want to be with them because I’ve never had these kind of relationships before.” 

     Hearing and seeing first hand the stories of not just men but women as well, two things have become evident, one, that there is a constant in every man and women, we are all in a state of “restlessness” longing to find what makes us complete. Secondly, the telling of each others stories of struggle, successes and healing through a burden-less faith in Christ is inspirational and necessary.

     Luke while pursuing a voice-over career and Steve who just retired, being inspired by the stories of many, decided to launch a podcast that provided a forum for those interested to share perhaps for the first time their inspirational stories that speaks to our restlessness. We believe that the real power for touching others is in those stories.

    Restless The Podcast Mission

     Our mission is provide a forum for the “restless”. A place where they can tell their story or hear the inspirational stories of others that could provide a reason to hope for eternity or just take another breath for one more day. To share the stories of real people with hearts restless to find what they were made for. We see people's hearts as waves desperate to finally discover rest on an eternal shore.

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