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Thoughts on Support
     Over the last year we have been contacted by listeners about how they can support the mission of Restless the Podcast. To be honest we never gave it much thought, we just trusted that the Lord would make a way.  Then a couple came along and expressed how one of the stories changed the trajectory of a friends life and wanted to support what we do. Honestly, we were not prepared to receive gifts or donations. Then it was brought to our attention that God has provided a way and the resources...we however, needed  to provide a means to receive those blessings. 
Why You Should Support Restless The Podcast?


     Have you ever driven down the road and while changing the dial on your radio you come across somebody telling a story about themselves. You soon realize they are not an expert selling you something but someone just like you? The things they are talking about like the struggles and pains of life resonate with you because you too are hurting. Then come to find out they are doing better because of this hope that they have found? The world we live in today is in deep trouble and people are struggling with anxiety and hopelessness at exponential levels. Yet, there is a's heard in the stories of those whose lives have been genuinely changed by the power of faith. 

     We capture those stories and produce other content that is hopeful, and invites listeners to reflect on what in life truly matters. However the cost to do this can be expensive.
     For example:
    Sound effects
    Studio and Hardware
     $4000-$5000 per year
     What is the value of hope?
 Things You Should Know 


      Usually one of first questions people ask when giving money to an organization is: Is it tax deductible? It’s a fair question but at the end of the day is it the real reason you’re giving? Currently Restless the Podcast is not a 501c3 organization. We are an LLC registered with the IRS and State of Maryland.  As a business however, you could take whatever amount you give as an expense deduction for advertising...if you would like us to advertise for you.


Partner With Us

You can support monthly by joining our SubscribeStar!

We have multiple tiers that offer different and increasing rewards for your support.

We appreciate you for listening, and for your consideration in giving.





     Thank you,

          Steve and Luke

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