"For whom is your heart restless?"

"Our hearts are restless, until they can find rest in you." - Augustine of Hippo

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     Restless is a podcast that provides a forum for those who are willing to share their inspirational stories of struggle, pain, healing and hope in their journeys of faith. Our hope is that through these stories you are given a reason to hope for eternity or just take another breath for one more day. These are the real stories of real people whose hearts are restless to find who and what they were made for.  Our lives are like waves desperate to discover rest on an eternal shore on which we struggle no longer. We invite you to share, listen, breathe and find hope. 

Episode 13 - Embraced by God

    KW is a 48 year old male living in the islands of Japan. Currently, he is involved with a ministry that provides an alternative to MSM news.  KW grew up as a military brat with his dad serving in the Marines and attended DOD schools. Though his parents were not religious, his upbringing included the traditional practices of the Japanese culture.  

  After high school he attended an American University offered by the military. During this time, he identified himself as a “hoodlum”, engaging in activities that defined the meaning of the word. He eventually began a career with the U.S. Government at the age of 19 and then married 2 years later hoping to make right an out of wedlock child which ended up in divorce 5 years later. In 2005 he remarried, to a woman whom he calls his “angel” because she has helped him get his life back on track. 

   His advancements as an employee of the U.S. Government allowed him and his family to travel throughout Europe and Japan. One day while in Germany he is introduced to LT, an ex-marine now working for the government, who begins to invest in KW by meeting early in the morning with him to do a Bible Study. While the Bible study didn’t quite register with KW, what did draw his attention was the qualities that LT exhibited. Qualities of calmness, peace, purpose and certainty, the very qualities that were void in his own life.   

   One night a few years later, alone in a house in Germany, his family away, he prepares to go out on the town. The “hoodlum” of his earlier years decides to go out and have some fun...who possibly would know? It’s then he encounters the spirit of God who puts him on the floor his living room weeping for hours as he recounts his life.  It's then that he feels the “embrace of God." Listen in, as KW shares his life changing story...a story that may sound familiar to you and your restless life!  

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