"For whom is your heart restless?"

"Our hearts are restless, until they can find rest in you." - Augustine of Hippo

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     Restless is a podcast that provides a forum for those who are willing to share their inspirational stories of struggle, pain, healing and hope in their journeys of faith. Our hope is that through these stories you are given a reason to hope for eternity or just take another breath for one more day. These are the real stories of real people whose hearts are restless to find who and what they were made for.  Our lives are like waves desperate to discover rest on an eternal shore on which we struggle no longer. We invite you to share, listen, breathe and find hope. 

Episode 14 - Adrift

     As a 19 year old engineering student John would walk the streets of his college town in the middle of the night looking for answers for a growing restlessness in his heart. Perhaps he would run into someone who could help him make sense of what seemed like a pointless life or just offer some companionship. All he encountered though was silence, and the stillness of the early morning hours. It almost seemed intentional that he could not find anyone. Yet in the stillness he begins to reflect on his life, and pray. In time, including some odd encounters, God reveals himself. Today at the age of 53 and a successful engineer, John reflects on those years, and speaks to a whole host of life's issues.

Intro/Outro Music: "Beggar" by Benjamin James, Album: "Preumbra" Licensed by Musicbed
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